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Server Rules

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by PrimoMC, May 13, 2016.

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  1. PrimoMC

    PrimoMC PrimoMC Official Account Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 2, 2016
    No spam
    This rule is simple - Don't spam. It's annoying, unnecessary and not needed. Spam is when you post the same messages, symbols or letters repetitively. Spam also includes "garbage messages" (Mashing the keyboard).

    Limit the swearing/foul language
    We allow swearing/foul language to some extent as long as it isn't used excessively, directed at a group of people or used to harass, intimidate, insult, or cause harm to another user. You are also not allowed to build structures or signs spelling out inappropriate language.

    No trolling
    Trolling constitutes as doing/saying provocative/flamey things to other users with the intent of getting a reaction out of them. Don't do it.

    No inappropriate usernames or skins
    Usernames or skins that staff deem inappropriate are not allowed. These usernames include ones with vulgar language and other inappropriate content.

    Don't harass other users
    This rule is extremely simple as well - don't say or do mean things to other users, including staff members. Expect severe consequences if you persist with these actions. Harassment also includes being in towns who's owners have asked you to leave.

    Don't talk about inappropriate or touchy subjects
    PrimoMC is a diverse server with many age groups, backgrounds and beliefs. As so, we expect players to not engage in discussions that would otherwise make other players feel uncomfortable or cause arguments and flame wars. If a staff member tells you to drop a discussion, drop it.

    Let staff members do their jobs
    Let the staff team do their job - Don't mini-mod (Backseat mod) or threaten players with punishments for breaking rules and don't complain in chat if you feel that a staff member has done his or her job incorrectly - If you feel that way, please contact kukelekuuk00.

    Don't advertise non-PrimoMC related things.
    You are not allowed to advertise anything non-PrimoMC related. You may mention these things in a non-advertising manner, however mentioning MC server is strictly prohibited regardless.

    Use the correct channel
    As PrimoMC has a chat channels plugin, you are expected to chat in the correct chat channel based on the subject. Advertisements go into trade, and all general discussion goes into global, for example. If a staff members tells you to use another channel for what you're discussing, do so.

    Speak English
    We expect all players to speak English in global channels and local channels when you're 400 blocks or less away from spawn. Greetings and certain phrases in other languages are allowed though, if not used excessively

    Do not abuse exploits
    You are not allowed to abuse exploits that would otherwise be patched if the administration had knowledge of them. If you feel like you've found an exploit, report it to kukelekuuk00 immediately.

    Do not use disallowed mods/clients
    You are not allowed to use any mod, client or 3rd party program that is not listed here.

    Don't scam other users
    A scam is where multiple users make a deal and one doesn't hold their end of the deal. Doing this is strictly illegal.

    Don't exchange Real-Life things for things ingame
    You are not allowed to exchange anything real-life for anything ingame, except for features. Doing so will result in severe punishment.

    No grief
    Grief constitutes as breaking/destroying things that are not yours. Don't do it.

    No player-run gambling
    There is to be absolutely no player-run gambling. This includes, but is not limited to, player-run casinos, player-run lotteries and player-run PvP betting. The only exceptions are server-sanctioned events.

    No financial interaction between alternate accounts
    Absolutely no financial interaction is allowed between alternate accounts/accounts that are owned by the same user. This includes giving tools/adding accounts to regions owned by the main or alternate account.

    Don't kill players in Non-PvP zones
    You are absolutely under no circumstances, allowed to kill a player in a Non-PvP zone. If you are TPing a player to a PvP zone, you are required to notify them that the location you're TPing them to is PvP-enabled.
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